mazahar-e-ulfat, tashhiir-e-vafaa*

20 03 2008



The Taj Mahal. Agra. 2008


The Gory Details,



A) One more picture of the Taj never hurt no one.


B) The gateway to the Taj Mahal.


C) Could not resist the Szerelem moment here. :) One of the doors on the side of the masjid.


D) The stunning incised painting inside the masjid.



* from Sahir’s Taaj Mahal

mazahar-e-ulfat = symbol of love
tashhiir-e-vafaa = advertisement of faith/love




8 responses

20 03 2008

That’s a lovely door!

Sigh, it’s been years since I last visited the Taj (three I think…). I’ve been there five times and it’s been breathtaking every single time. I think my favourite memory of it is at some 5.30 in the morning…when the sun rays first hit the marble it takes on this lovely golden glow and all those gems sparkle – it’s gorgeous.

20 03 2008

glad you approve. :)

Envious, needless to say. I had just the one weekend in the Delhi-Agra vicinity. So it was a day trip. And as these things go, getting into Agra by 8:30 am was quite an achievement. Was at the Taj 9ish. It was spectacular. Before I got there, I suspected it might not live up to the hype. But it did. Hope to see the Taj at sunrise and in moonlight sometime.

Though, why don’t more people shoot the Masjid and the building on the right, I wonder. I was fascinated by them.

21 03 2008

Lovely pics. So *that’s* where you’ve been.

22 03 2008
tabula rasa

hey, where’s the accompanying 5000 word commentary?

23 03 2008

Oh, I want 5,00o word commentary also!

Btw, your post made me dig into the archives – I’d posted pictures of the Taj eons back (among my first few posts) here.

Agree about the side building and the mosque… the patterns (as you have also photographed) are gorgeous…and I can see there are doing some amount of resoration work – a lot of it was very faint, dusty and cobwebbed when I was there.

24 03 2008

KM: yes, yes. Racking those miles up.

Szerelem: very nice. sunrise is unbeatable. you have got some beautiful pics. I have a atleast one shot from the same angle as yours, except for the lighting.

There was a bunch of restoration work in progress when I got there. I suppose the interiors of the mosque are almost done now. They looked pretty vibrant.

And TR, Sz, 5000 words? ahem. You are lost on blogosphere, perchance? The blogmeister here isn’t a prof/student of mgmt or a certain desultory philippic.

24 03 2008
J. Alfred Prufrock

VERY good photos. Envy happens.

And brevity, because of your last comment. Hmph.


24 03 2008
tabula rasa

one woulda thought these corporate types knew how to seize upon best practice benchmarking by now.

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