His path strewn with roses, not dust?

18 03 2008

What other people saw in Delhi…

karolbagh_1962.jpg priyak.jpg
The attire of a mannequin
being changed in a shop
in Karol Bagh, 1962.
India Today, Aug 2007.
The Sartorialist visits Nai Dilli. more
on his blog. March 2008.


Who is this coming towards us with the very face
of heaven, his path strewn with roses, not dust?

– from Twilight in Delhi by Ghalib




6 responses

19 03 2008
Cheshire Cat

Uncanny. I used to know her, but I wouldn’t have recognized her without the context. She’s had quite the makeover.

19 03 2008

Cat, mysterious past?! Would have never guessed you’d know fashion designers with boutiques near the Taj. phew!

19 03 2008
Space Bar

who is this mysterious person cat is supposed to know: the woman in the photo or the sartorialist (whaoever that is)?

19 03 2008
Cheshire Cat

bm: Trust me, I’ve stayed close to my roots, she’s the one who’s re-invented herself. Academia to fashion design: that’s quite a stretch, no?

Space: The woman. I don’t know any sartorialists, I’m relieved to say.

20 03 2008
Space Bar

oh ok. i notice now that The Sartorialist is a he. that should be clear enough.

20 03 2008

Hmmm she made another appearance on the blog…with my beloved Lodhi Gardens as the background.

Cat’s comments are interesting…I remember reading somewhere she wanted to be an anthropologist at one point. In any case, she makes for a very striking subject…

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