Two Sketches

30 07 2009

Two sketches, from my pocketbook. Both of friends, done in under a minute, before I got caught.

photo photo1

of eggplant bacon and such

21 07 2009

I tie-dye and the world turns around and throws me a curveball – from now on, once a week, I get to eat probiotic raw food for lunch – this means chocolate mousse without dairy, cucumber pasta and eggplant bacon. thanks to our lovely catering service.

excuse me while I go hug a tree..brb

dyeing over the weekend

14 07 2009

A couple of perfectly decent tees were irreparably harmed in the making of this post.

After my grocery run this weekend, I ended up strolling into the craft store adjacent to it. Well, what follows will just have to be blamed on the possible spiking of stuff at the sample counter of my local Trader Joe’s. :)

Obviously, one goes into such things with a certain sense of quiet assurance and confidence in one’s abilities. There were some minor doubts, but they were promptly shattered by “educating” oneself via YouTube. Then one embarked on the tying, twisting, sewing (oh yes, one of those Tees actually has shibori work on it :) ).

The dyeing itself was miraculously painless. But now that the Tees are ready to go – I wonder where one would actually wear them? :)





This last picture is of a kid’s shirt – a birthday gift for a 3 year old. Well, the rather quiet, contemplative toddler will have to learn to embrace his inner grooviness at some point, doesn’t he?