Odds and Ends

31 07 2007

Bergman is dead. You have nothing to say because you have watched just two of his films and oh! a splendid interview where he talks about all his films (on the Fanny och Alexander DVD). Obviously there are those who have watched plenty more. They have a lot to say – there is nostalgia, eulogy in verse, some quibbling and a bit of intrigue (involving backpacks, a weekend trip to Bergmanland, job quitting, a Swedish house-guest and Wild Strawberries). You wait and watch.

There are others playing a different game with Death – betting. Though they are mortals too. They have to wait for the NYT or Guardian like everybody else. You take interest in these proceeding, as a spectator trained to observe games like these. There is Bergman who started it all. Well, there is Snyder too. But the suspense is killing – who will complete the Trifecta? Will it really be completed?

Snyder, for those who has never heard of him – here are a couple of good vids. Garcia and Kesey talk about LSD. KISS sounding all innocent and geeky. ( Bits from interviews with Lennon, Mason, Hitchcock, Elton John …). Way cooler than Comedy Central fare.

This lads’ guessing game does in fact have a morbid end. Yes, Antonioni is dead. Still ten movies behind, having watched just Blow-up and bits of The Passenger.