A special roasty spot in hell

27 07 2010

for us, killers of orphans and cats.

* nobody is going to take a second look around where I have lunch, if you mention you just killed a whole bunch of orphans this morning.




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27 07 2010

People on BBSes and USENET would freely use UNIX jargon and expected everyone else to understand them. (and then came IRC and everyone starting LOLing and ROFLing….)

27 07 2010

Hmmm…I suddenly have this very Dickensian image of where you work. Think grimy warehouse with scruffy teenagers bent over their computer terminals, one malnourished waif raising his hand to say “Please, miss, can I code some more?”.

27 07 2010

“Please, miss, can I code some more?”

Yeah, right.

It’s usually “I haven’t eaten a proper meal since last Sunday, so could i leave by 9PM tonight?”

Lazy coders.

27 07 2010

km. Yes, I would have imagined. It is just weird doing it in a place filled with rich old jewish women and their grand children out for a summer brunch.

besides, like you say, killing orphans is the least of the exciting things to be done in a day’s work.

falstaff: ref. to what km says. Darn programmers. can’t survive on coffee and diet coke. They even dare to ask for sunlight.

8 04 2016

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