Bangalore 24th Airborne

8 09 2009

Picked up a Tee from Old Navy yesterday, just because I had to.

bangalore airborne

Can’t find it online though..




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9 09 2009
Space Bar i get the ‘navy’ part.

9 09 2009

Very conflicted – it’s a really cool shirt but it’s from Old Navy :)

//Mad props to Ye Olde Ancestral Village. Airborne indeed.

9 09 2009

@sb: heh, Ceci n’est pas une Navy Store. etc..

@km: yes, I thought twice before mentioning it was from old navy. people cringe and then don’t hear the part about the tee. well, I am a slave of American consumerism. Heck, I even buy Apple. There is no redemption for me..

9 09 2009

I am *sure* you were watching the twitter feeds on the Apple event today?

//Nano with video cam and FM! I’m so torn between desire and detachment.

9 09 2009

@km: yes, following, but not on twitter. just via the loud announcements at work along with expert commentary. :P

Apple cameras suck!!! big time. my 4 generations old sony ericsson had a camera that was so much better, could zoom, had macro…and a flash…sigh!

Check on the battery drain with FM turned on. radio reception is a power sink.

but looks like the prices are finally getting where they should be.

They sure built a winner with the Intel Macs. I hear CS grad students get Macs now. interesting times are ahead of us, hopefully.

9 09 2009

@km : // desire and detachment

mono and stereo … do I sense some depth here? :)

10 09 2009

BM: if Mono = detachment, then the Buddha was all Mono? I *always* knew he had a one-track mind.

19 10 2009

Got myself one too. Born in Bangalore, which makes it even better

6 12 2009

Can someone tell me where is Old Navy store in Bangalore? It will be great if someone can drop a email at


31 05 2015

I have the thermal top of 24 the design is a bit different. My letters are raised and stitched. Its really cool. If u want pic text me at. 336 343 2257.

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