25 05 2010

Wild Flowers, that I shot this weekend, on my phone. Not as luscious as Spacebar’s picture, but here anyway.


Why I quit facebook.

19 05 2010

bunny & clyde

12 05 2010

Or the crazy things accents can do to your brain.

I listen to Gainsbroug on my streaming music station, and suddenly there is Bardot singing about a Bunny and Clyde.

7 05 2010

Today, I have this incredible urge to share things I am not (legally) allowed to share.

Any antidotes?


5 05 2010

omg! how I love this guy!


Dr. Strangelove

4 05 2010

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Deleted My Facebook Profile.

phew! So the deed has been done. My part has been(, or so I think). It will take another 14 days for the overlords at Facebook to get back to me, and let me know if the account has actually been deleted.

phew! again.

Guess what was one of my captcha words for the deletion…