lazy lemonade

17 11 2009

Works best if there is a lemon tree in the backyard.


Maira Kalman Lecture

4 11 2009

Last night at Stanford. She seemed like a well-adjusted female version of Woody Allen.

At one point she thought she was at Berkeley ;) – a faux pas only a New Yorker could have made (and gotten away with).

The talk should be up on iTunes university in a couple of weeks. maira

It was interesting to see 10 year olds waiting in line to get their books signed and then some design students get their “Elements of Style” signed. All in the same line. :)


The talk was very much like her blog posts and books, going from how she decided she was in love with A. Lincoln, while researching him in the Presidential  Library to her Proust Map, that she took along to DC.



Unfortunately not much insight into the method behind her madness.