A special roasty spot in hell

27 07 2010

for us, killers of orphans and cats.

* nobody is going to take a second look around where I have lunch, if you mention you just killed a whole bunch of orphans this morning.


The Epitome of Excellence

13 07 2010

The ability to fail gracefully.


24 06 2010

By getting excited about the iPhone OS 4 and, finally, being able to run Pandora in the background, on my phone – am I turning into the equivalent of a hipster with an ironic mustache?

Running 3rd party apps as background processes. Who would have guessed. Sheer genius.


And, the patron saint of Football just killed a kitten

14 06 2010

Things that brighten up one’s day.

Four American men do some sports related bonding – they talk about the World Cup. Mention the teams, when the match is, how the bars open at 4am these days. End of conversation!

If you want to show off your general knowledge, please stick to offering obvious solutions to the BP oil debacle. Don’t talk about sports you don’t care, just because you are men and it is the largest sporting event in the world.

Thank you!


25 05 2010

Wild Flowers, that I shot this weekend, on my phone. Not as luscious as Spacebar’s picture, but here anyway.

Why I quit facebook.

19 05 2010

bunny & clyde

12 05 2010

Or the crazy things accents can do to your brain.

I listen to Gainsbroug on my streaming music station, and suddenly there is Bardot singing about a Bunny and Clyde.