Tarantino hits the spot

25 08 2009

Brutally Entertaining!

Fabulous! Loved every bit of the movie. Wonderful cast that delivers – though Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger could have done a lot more with their roles. But hey, I am not complaining. Go watch how a beautiful movie is supposed to be made.


not the dining philosophers, but still a problem

19 08 2009

44 emails to plan a dinner for 4.

There are better ways out there, but why doesn’t anyone use them?

What is your preferred solution for this dining (non-)philosophers problem? :)

Sunny Side Down

18 08 2009

Tales of Mere Existence

more comic awesomeness…

webcomic share

14 08 2009

Everyone…I just discovered a delightful webcomic from Canada- Wasted Talent

(via Johnny Wander
(via Questionable Content
(via xkcd)))

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these shoes are made for walking

10 08 2009

Painted my first pair of shoes. :)

shoes once

shoes again