24 03 2010

Gentlefolk, the cookies have arrived!

As the winner of more than one cookie word challenge, I have long been awaiting the arrival of my prize cookies. And the time has come. The maker of the cookies was in our sunny lands last evening. And the cookies were made, from scratch.

They are not chocolate chip ones as promised, but they are the most awesome peanut butter cookies. Copious amounts of cookie dough was mixed and piles of cookies made.

There was, of course, high drama. I was accused of financing my reckless cookie lifestyle with my competition winnings. But I held my ground and got these cookies made.

Let me know how you are going to claim your winnings.



18 03 2010

When I thought about writing this, I had a completely different post in mind – it was about a world for Toshi where what she has, is, and desires will not be limited by stereotypes it imposes on her. Where being pretty will not be the opposite of being intellectual. Where she will not have to sacrifice one for anything else. It also involved tutus, mountaineering boots, an artist’s sensibility, physics, dancing, spontaneity and perseverance … Anyway, I was just getting too carried away.

Kid, just remember, the world will be filled with a lot of things. Beer cans around milk bottles. Kittens and cigarettes. Place mats on barn tables. Great things may come from people who are not fairy tale heroes.

Hope you are unafraid of great experiences, discover what you love, and grow up to be everything you were meant to be.

* I also hope you will learn to spell and write grammatically correct sentences.

could use some inheriting today

12 03 2010

a cocoa farm
good luck
nice looking trinkets
anything …really.


10 03 2010