Games in the park, Sepak.

24 03 2008

While the big-brained bretts of the world worry about global warming and the untimely rain/snow, we moan the lack of such waterworks in our parts of the globe by just bleaching our brains in the park. It was a hot sunny afternoon, clear skies, migrant geese flying about ominously (fleeing the humans parked in the green patches with their tripods, zoom lenses and picnic baskets). But we (that is, 6 of us) decided to brave the sun from noon to 6pm. It all started out as a nice little game of (something that vaguely resembled) Ultimate. But that was soon given a miss in favor of Sepak Takraw. ( Yes, only one intrepid hero in the group had grown up watching this exciting sport on TV. The rest of us had never heard of it until 2pm yesterday).

Now, even if you don’t know me, you can safely assume that my friends and I got none of the details right. Of course, we did try executing those beauteous scissor kicks (keyword: try). But to truly appreciate the comedy of the enterprise, let me elaborate on the composition of the two teams. Each team consisted of,

a. a Nordic of gigantic proportions (the tallees)
b. a Spaniard or other of a similar smallish build (shortees)
c. a woman of South Asian descent (the super-shortees).

Thus matched, we got into the game with fullest vigor. Unfortunately, kicking and headbutting of a standard issue tennis ball or volleyball is a BAD idea. I live to tell the tale, the day after. But barely. So, my suggestion to one and all. Just watch and enjoy said sport, unless you are a particularly intrepid and elastic teen. That is, it isn’t a game for someone reading this blog.

Thank you!




2 responses

24 03 2008
tabula rasa

ohh, we used to play tsepak every night, back in the day. so much fun :-D

25 03 2008

I had always imagined Sepak Takraw (great name, almost like a person’s) to be some kind of a card/tile game. You can tell how curious I am about sports :)

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