Happy Holidays!

25 12 2007

Presenting my Christmas Tree (also known as “that Little Christmas Tree with Balls”).

Hope you are all having a Glorious time.


The Importance of Being Squire

18 12 2007

Watched The Seventh Seal and Shame, this Saturday evening. And loved Bergman’s sense of humor.

Yes, there was plenty of gore[1] and depression, but there was also comedy and joy to make up for it. There was tragedy, ( but as any Bollywood starlet would explain her bikini / item number /…), the script demanded it. And there is no denying the comedy that made us laugh (all 120 of us in the theater – maybe not the 10 who promptly fell asleep when the lights went down and the screen lit up).

I had considered watching just the Seventh Seal and not following it up with Shame[2]. I was warned to “be prepared to spend the whole of Sunday depressed” if I watched both. Though it turned out to be just fine. Shame made me crave Lingonberry juice and some good old new IKEA furniture. That meant I spent a good part of yesterday choosing bookshelves and making the most of the free drink refills at the local socialist store.

I actually like the man. Who would have thought?

[1] Reminds me of a grad school exchange on Pulp Fiction.

“I did not like it. Too much Gore”.

“I did not realize he was in the film! Who was he playing?”


[2] The internal debate was settled when I was offered free tickets at the box office (some last minute cancellation).

[3] Before you ask. This isn’t my first Bergman flick. I had tried watching Scenes from a Marriage and given up because it did not seem worth all the depression it caused. Besides, I hated Josephson (most annoying). This was a year ago. I haven’t watched one since.

Best Food Forward – Part 3

4 12 2007

Part 2 – over at Yossarian Lives.

More Borough Market – The Cheesy Bits


When we weren’t stuffing ourselves with chocolate truffles, wild boar sausages, Turkish delight or smelling truffles at stalls with inviting ‘Smell This’ signs, we were sampling a whole lot of cheese.

cheese2.jpg cheese3.jpg


cheese5.jpg cheese6.jpg



Special Mention :

The couple‘s obsession with estimating the BMI of positively obese pigeons that take strolls around Regents Park. (no, they don’t even pretend to fly).

Oh, the obligatory Tamizh reference. Free association – Pigeons -> Birds -> Kaadai 65, Pigeon Roast -> Ponnuswamy (quintessential Chettinad goodness).