For KM

20 04 2009

KM, who loves photographs and good music.

This is from the 798 Art Zone in Beijing. A man selling pirated CDs in front of a photo gallery. There is a post coming up about 798 and some of the brilliant art there.


The next picture seems non sequitur and totally banal. But all this talk of KM and ‘Culture’ can only lead to one thing – Yogurt. (If you haven’t read this post, please do).

Fresh homemade yogurt for sale in the morning. Kashgar

Fresh homemade yogurt for sale in the morning. Kashgar

PS: Graffiti from 798. Apparently, graffiti is only allowed in some places by the state. I wonder, if that means the state also recognizes it as an art form? :)



For Spacebar

16 04 2009

Who loves reptiles, donkeys, goat, cats, frogs … you get the idea.

Crunchy snakes…yummmmm ?!

This is from a tea shop, that had mounds of different types of tea, green tea, rose, jasmine, spice tea, etc. And right at front was a sack of what looked very much like some nice murukku. Except you get closer and you see a head with a pair of eyes.

No, we did not buy any tea.


And other things for sale at the Kashgar Market.

Fresh bread in the morning


A cap fitting,


And natural pigment dye, for a dash of color.


For Luddo

16 04 2009

who loves mountains, railway timetables, all things geeky…and whining.


The Mountain. That would be the Karakoram Highway (KKH). The highest paved international road in the world. It goes across the Karakoram mountain range, through the Khunjerab Pass, at an altitude of 4,693 m/15,397 ft. as confirmed by both SRTM and multiple GPS readings. –wiki.

luddo2 solar
The Timetable. A section of the timetable posted on our train from Datong to Beijing. The Gadgetry.  A solar powered car battery charger by the Chinese checkpoint WC on the way to Karakul Lake.

Can windows be far behind…

16 04 2009


The above is from the Abakh Khoja Tomb, Kashgar, that some consider the holiest Muslim site in the Xinjiang province. It is a beautiful glazed tile structure in jade green and blue.

The next picture is from the Id Kah Mosque. Kashgar again. Every friday, about 10,000 people come here to pray. It was a lovely quite oasis in the middle of a bustling marketplace. Thick walls separate it from all the noise, dust and heat. Tree lined pathways, and long carpeted corridors with dark green pillars.


The next window (on a door) is from the Hanging Temple in Datong. And the last window within a window from our hostel in a Beijing Hutong.


For Szerelem

15 04 2009

Mostly doors from Kashgar’s Old City. The Old City is being demolished and new construction plans were up in most places we shot these images. They are very old buildings, some have lasted many centuries and will now be replaced with typical downtown apartment buildings.
The last few are from Beijing. From a Hutong, the Lama Temple, the 798 Art Zone and finally, the Forbidden City.








For Falsie

15 04 2009

“You mean you traveled all that way for two humps and a piece of ass?”


Camel ride in the Mingsha (Singing) Sand Dunes.

Followed by some Donkey meat in Dunhuang.


For Lebu…

14 04 2009

For TR and TPB really…

Ceci n’est pas une pipe


They are the female and male versions of the infant cradle catheters for sale in the Kashgar old town market.