not the dining philosophers, but still a problem

19 08 2009

44 emails to plan a dinner for 4.

There are better ways out there, but why doesn’t anyone use them?

What is your preferred solution for this dining (non-)philosophers problem? :)




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20 08 2009

What is your preferred solution for this dining (non-)philosophers problem?

Let them eat cake

20 08 2009

Let them eat cake
It was fried bananas drenched in chocolate actually. :)

and sushi.

20 08 2009


I bet collaboration and workflow software people are reading this post and jumping with glee.

20 08 2009

@km, yeah. I am surprised I can’t think of any such tool..there are the outlook lookalikes, like goog calendar. But they don’t eliminate conflicts in time or help with location preferences.

20 08 2009

Aren’t you on iPhone? (Because, ahem, there is an app for that. I think. :))

Back in 1999/00, there was a start-up called “Zaplets” – later called Firedrop (it was a Kleiner Perkins-funded venture) – which tried to solve the problem of combining polling, workflow and collaboration in the email client.

The challenge with Saturday-night planning has nothing to do with software, of course. It’s that no two people will agree on the choice of restaurants. (Adding to that impasse are people like me who will not step inside chain restaurants…)

So yes, the short answer is, you can solve this problem only by speaking softly and carrying a big stick.

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