stuck in the prison of inarticulateness

27 04 2010


This is particularly harmful, if you are generally very talkative. People misconstrue inarticulateness to be strong silence.

You build a fort and then get locked up in it yourself.


just because I have a category for it

10 12 2009

What people will do to get a little extra room for the cream cheese.


Now I have a picture of the bagel at work that was used to recreate this –

Update 2:

Ok, a closer to definition Mobius-strip bagel. Attempted at breakfast after a night of server upgrades on a Saturday. And no cheese, only chocolate chips

not the dining philosophers, but still a problem

19 08 2009

44 emails to plan a dinner for 4.

There are better ways out there, but why doesn’t anyone use them?

What is your preferred solution for this dining (non-)philosophers problem? :)

of eggplant bacon and such

21 07 2009

I tie-dye and the world turns around and throws me a curveball – from now on, once a week, I get to eat probiotic raw food for lunch – this means chocolate mousse without dairy, cucumber pasta and eggplant bacon. thanks to our lovely catering service.

excuse me while I go hug a tree..brb

if logic fails

4 03 2009

think topologically.