A special roasty spot in hell

27 07 2010

for us, killers of orphans and cats.

* nobody is going to take a second look around where I have lunch, if you mention you just killed a whole bunch of orphans this morning.


weren’t we all on the interwebz

18 09 2009

so we can make bad jokes. anyone care to share some?

Remember when they wanted to sell us stars, so you could get one named after a loved one, as a gift, for a birthday or xmas.

Well, what about letting people adopt Angels? For a good price, that is. Of course, there are tons of them floating around in the Christian angelic hierarchy, aren’t they? The question then is, what are you, as a consumer, be paying for? The angels are there to protect you, so they really aren’t looking to be adopted themselves.

But, what if you could bid for the protection they could offer? As in, good old protection money?

In any case, if you were paying for angels, would you be an Angel Investor?!

(friday afternoons are going to kill me, if they don’t get to me fast enough, my demented mind will drive others to do the job…sigh..weekend, so close, yet so far.)