7 05 2010

Today, I have this incredible urge to share things I am not (legally) allowed to share.

Any antidotes?




6 responses

7 05 2010

put your headphones on, listen to some groovy music….and GET BACK TO WORK !

7 05 2010

or…smoke some weed….get in the zone…and work away (without any distractions)

7 05 2010

BG (@ 20:12:33): Now you will never know what you missed :P thanks for the advice.

BG (@20:19:36): I know, you are referring to the (almost) daily weed offers I get from people. But you know where I stand on that.

8 05 2010
Tabula Rasa

i know a good antidote but i’m afraid i can’t share that either.

8 05 2010

These wouldn’t be…ahem…special brownies, would they? Because I’m quite happy with the normal variety.

8 05 2010

Ha, signed the NDA? But don’t worry about lawyers. They are good people. No, really!!

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