18 03 2010

When I thought about writing this, I had a completely different post in mind – it was about a world for Toshi where what she has, is, and desires will not be limited by stereotypes it imposes on her. Where being pretty will not be the opposite of being intellectual. Where she will not have to sacrifice one for anything else. It also involved tutus, mountaineering boots, an artist’s sensibility, physics, dancing, spontaneity and perseverance … Anyway, I was just getting too carried away.

Kid, just remember, the world will be filled with a lot of things. Beer cans around milk bottles. Kittens and cigarettes. Place mats on barn tables. Great things may come from people who are not fairy tale heroes.

Hope you are unafraid of great experiences, discover what you love, and grow up to be everything you were meant to be.

* I also hope you will learn to spell and write grammatically correct sentences.




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19 03 2010
Space Bar

Now if you’d only said all this to her earlier she might not have thrown those I will never come out tantrums.


19 03 2010

now that is truly aww-worthy..

19 03 2010

BM Aunty: My worst fears are now confirmed. Not only have I been born into the wrong family, I am in the wrong universe altogether. How do I get to this world that you wish for me?

And while I really really appreciate this post in my honour (I am not my mother, after all), can you also please ensure that the pink tutu you promised gets to me as well?

19 03 2010

Is that really a beer on the table for little Jake Dylan? (Now *that* looks like breakfast whipped up by a rock musician living in the early 1970s)

19 03 2010

SB: :) no, I don’t talk to scribes. I am waiting for the kid to start communicating without go-betweens

PG: thank you, xoxo (I think, is the appropriate response ;) )

Kid: Yes, yes. but see, I am already succeeding. I correctly judged the ADHD tendencies of your aunty-ing monsters. They just read the first paragraph. ha. The real message to you is what followed that and they make no mention of it in their comments (yes, yes, they are transcribing for you).

But however wrong-headed they are, those Bamse-touting liberals will teach you to communicate pretty soon. So let us start talking then.

*some more inspiration for you here (para 3). Hope you can catch that on your continent.

KM: I think it is beer, but only in the glass next to Bob. The glass next to Jake has water(?). Besides, who said beer for breakfast is not a good idea. A pitcher for breakfast sounds like a rather balanced liquid diet ;)

20 03 2010

I was curious about that picture and its precise vintage. It’s from 1968 (not the early 1970s) and It’s not Jakob Dylan in the photo. It’s Jesse Dylan.

An article in WSJ confirms it.

//Useless rock trivia. It’s a beautiful thing.

24 03 2010
Ta « Toshi's Fortress

[…] outside world, I don’t think I can deal with scribes anymore. As BM aunty rightly points out here, so much is lost in this transcription activity and I don’t think I should continue on this […]

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