The Importance of Being Squire

18 12 2007

Watched The Seventh Seal and Shame, this Saturday evening. And loved Bergman’s sense of humor.

Yes, there was plenty of gore[1] and depression, but there was also comedy and joy to make up for it. There was tragedy, ( but as any Bollywood starlet would explain her bikini / item number /…), the script demanded it. And there is no denying the comedy that made us laugh (all 120 of us in the theater – maybe not the 10 who promptly fell asleep when the lights went down and the screen lit up).

I had considered watching just the Seventh Seal and not following it up with Shame[2]. I was warned to “be prepared to spend the whole of Sunday depressed” if I watched both. Though it turned out to be just fine. Shame made me crave Lingonberry juice and some good old new IKEA furniture. That meant I spent a good part of yesterday choosing bookshelves and making the most of the free drink refills at the local socialist store.

I actually like the man. Who would have thought?

[1] Reminds me of a grad school exchange on Pulp Fiction.

“I did not like it. Too much Gore”.

“I did not realize he was in the film! Who was he playing?”


[2] The internal debate was settled when I was offered free tickets at the box office (some last minute cancellation).

[3] Before you ask. This isn’t my first Bergman flick. I had tried watching Scenes from a Marriage and given up because it did not seem worth all the depression it caused. Besides, I hated Josephson (most annoying). This was a year ago. I haven’t watched one since.




One response

19 12 2007

What!! No Bergman films??? Go watch Silence and Persona … totally worth the depression… promise.

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