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28 01 2010

Edit: Once more, I realize, there is no such thing as a delete button on the interwebz.

The reason I took it down though, was that the Met has a fabulous online database. (Like, I totally <3 it.) Was able to find the painting by typing in “Russian Portrait” in their European Collection and there it was, among a single page of results.

A Portrait of Vsevolod  Garshin by Illia Repin/1884.

note 1: no Falsie, your mind is not playing games. I did post and delete it this yesterday morning

note 2: Fëanor, thanks for explaining that note to me. For the rest of you, that note was an apology for the inconvenience caused during the restoration of the metropolitan museum’s exhibition halls… no reference to the painting. Serves me right.

note 3: SB. I was just being my unusually proactive self, when I started whining about spring blossoms. They are happening on the streets, on my way to work. But the tree outside my window is pulling a reverse – O.Henry on me. They are still tiny buds. But will post it once it is in full bloom.

And, sorry about inflicting another one of those faces on you. But doesn’t this one remind you of the actor nephew of Aamir Khan? ;)


Can someone ID this for me?

I saw this in the Met. But did not bother noting the name of the artist. Luckily, it was the cover picture for the Russian version of the Museum leaflet.




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30 01 2010

the Met has a fabulous online database.

Long as you are not searching for paintings depicting crucifixion. Then it just serves you back 224 results, many without a thumbnail.

//need to visit the Met soon -have been trying to look up this painting of Christ on the cross, pretty sure I saw it at the Met, and Google/TinEye etc are just not useful at all.

1 02 2010

km: Not true. If you’re sure you’re looking for a painting there’s only 35 results in European painting, some of which are not crucifixion scenes. Personally, I’m rather partial to the Brugghen, but that’s just me.

21 02 2010
Nimit Kathuria

This does have a freakish resemblance to Imran Khan! (actor nephew of Aamir Khan) *shrug*

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