20 01 2010




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20 01 2010

Bicycles! Flavour of the season?

20 01 2010
Space Bar

nice. esp the bees!

20 01 2010

You were in my neck of the woods!

//Starbucks cup? Check. iPod? Check. Bicycle? Check.

20 01 2010

feanor: I don’t know. but did look like the circles and the radiating spokes went well with the frame. besides, bicycles are like remington typewriters – beautiful pieces of machinery.

SB: thanks!

km: oops.. yes, I was. (deflect, bm..deflect).. what do you think of the new Dylan*? I thought this was funky.**

* not _that_ Dylan, but the older croakier one.

** as I realized during my weekend trip to NY, there is no better way to distract people, mid-sentence, than to mention this Dylan Album. It works all the time… or I just associate with people who think he can do no wrong.

21 01 2010

I enjoyed the Xmas album. I might even play it in the summer. Wait, you distracted me!

23 01 2010

Can’t see bees. Where be bees? I see spiders though. Oh yes, I see bees now.

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