The craziness that is my life contd.

17 12 2009

So I woke up at the unearthly hour of 6:00am this morning, promptly came back to my senses and went to sleep (or so I thought).

What follows is one more of my bizarre dreams. I am stuck in a university, in an unspecified university in the northwest of this continent. It is greener than it is in California, but  not very much colder. Could be Portland, Seattle or Vancouver. Who knows.

Anyway, I am walking around what seems like a dorm, which is situated in the same building as the library – a gorgeous labyrinthine library. Except I am stuck on the stairs that is backed up with people who want to get their laundry done. The stairs don’t fit in with theme the interiors seem to follow – they retrofitted stairs that looks like a civil engineering project studying ancient japanese architecture. Anyway, the stairs are narrow, but sturdy. I slowly make my way down.

The stairs lead me to the first floor, which helps me understand this retrofit better. It is all part of the Japanese festival that is going on in the university. There are stalls selling replicas of Samurai swords. Some sake and also tea, among other things. I finally make my way through all this and get to the library.

At first glance, the library is what I would have expected. It is quiet and normal, though a bit too stately and fancy for me. As I walk in, I see my Boss, in what can only be described as a Herve Leger bandage dress – but a nicer color scheme – it is a nice mix of grey and  flowery spring colors (I think I just designed that). Everyone seems so excited to see her – she apparently is an alumni of this school and there is an “All About Eve” opening sequence kind of vibe to the whole hullabaloo around her. (And I am the only one who is sure she did not go to that school – but don’t bother ruining it for her). I walk on.

As I walk through the library, I realize it is acutally a silent Karaoke bar in a library setting. Each aisle has exactly 4 Japanese men. Many look like Beatles impersonators, but not all. Anyway, they are all singing their hearts out, but nobody else can hear them. In each aisle, I see 4 men sway to the music, pound their feet, sing with their eyes closed, but no sound, not a whisper.

I finally manage to get out of the library. Out in the sunshine. Then I listen to some voicemails from the distant past. And look up, I see green mountains all around me, some bit of the ocean. But then, I see a factory – in a corner, with a giant Chimney. The chimney is spewing out bright red stuff – it isn’t smoke. what it is spewing out has the texture of laminate paint. It is forming giant bubbles. But just when I think it will engulf us all, there is a strong gust of wind – the bubbles are blown away in the opposite direction. And, I walk away, and hail a cab to get me out of here.




4 responses

18 12 2009
Space Bar

you should post your dreams every day! i love this!

18 12 2009

Mother of God.

+1 (in respect of space bar’s demand)

18 12 2009

Interesting stuff you put in your brownies.

+ 2 (to Space’s request)

18 12 2009

I happen to be an expert Jungian analyst and thanks for asking – I would be *delighted* to proffer my analysis of your dream: “that’s some fine stuff you smoking. Please let me have some.”

/6AM is unearthly? What are you, a lemur?

//and yes, outstanding post :)

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