Chocolate Tempering – Check, Faiz Quoting – Check

15 12 2009

Ok, there will be no talk of Bagels and Cream Cheese now.

Was at my first Chocolate baking class last night. Got to play with a lot of “working chocolate” – some of this involved spreading tempered chocolate on a large granite counter… good fun. and made a Double Chocolate Brownie Torte.

But, also got to quote Faiz at a colleague.

So, I had signed up for a cooking class with a couple of friends. One of whom is an ex-colleague – S.

S had planned to meet me and K* at work and then drive up to the class together.  Anyway, S arrives a bit late. I was in the midst of wrapping things up quickly, so she did not get introduced around properly.

Yet… yet there were broken hearts all around the office.

You see S is absolutely gorgeous and a game programmer == a CS geek’s dream. Unfortunately (for them) she also happens to be married. :) Which explains what I did after the class – consoled one colleague by quoting Faiz.

Any recos on how I should console the rest? :)

* a female colleage :) I am sure the next time I mention a cooking class, a bunch of guys from work are lining up to go.

* Besides, I am basking in my new found status as the person with gorgeous woman friends. Any ideas on how to milk that status are welcome too.




4 responses

15 12 2009

Let me get this straight – people will go to a CHOCOLATE baking class for WOMEN?

Some people have their priorities all wrong.

16 12 2009

You’re looking at this all wrong.

They’re obviously hoping to combine the two, especially if it involves “spreading tempered chocolate”…

I love the subconscious ‘milk’ throw-in on a post about brownies. Or was it?

And you can just snap your fingers and demand the guys do anything. Seriously – women AND chocolates? You’re like the gatekeeper to heaven.

16 12 2009

Falstaff: so are you suggesting men go to a WOMEN baking class for CHOCOLATE?

BM: Santa Claus, Loch Ness Monster, Tooth Fairy, a female game programmer…


17 12 2009

Falsie: do you mean that the men wouldn’t have a shot in hell when they stand next to chocolate?

??!: exactly! thank you. but I need to figure out how to have most fun being this gatekeeper to heaven person.

km: lol! and sigh, no faith you have.

Do I have to refer you to her SIGGRAPH papers now? Or do you believe SIGGRAPH is Loch Ness. :)

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