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10 12 2009


What people will do to get a little extra room for the cream cheese.


Now I have a picture of the bagel at work that was used to recreate this –

Update 2:

Ok, a closer to definition Mobius-strip bagel. Attempted at breakfast after a night of server upgrades on a Saturday. And no cheese, only chocolate chips




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11 12 2009

lovely. All that cream cheese. Will try it the next time I get bagels.

Talking about mobius-ness, if & when you get married, I think you should get a mobius ring to fit your awfully/awesomely long first & last names on it

11 12 2009
Space Bar

blewgenes: heh! maybe she should just go runic with it. or cut the ring up bagel like, and cream-cheez it.

11 12 2009

Does this come with an ppointment with a cardiac surgeon?

//and what’s a Californian doing eating bagel and cream cheese?

11 12 2009

ppointment = *a*ppointment


11 12 2009

Actually, with BM’s full name it’d be less ring, more brass knuckles. Which, come to think of it, may be fairly appropriate.

P.S. I miss bagels. It’s one of the few downsides of moving to the midwest. That, and the fact that it’s currently -10 F outside.

11 12 2009

@everyone, yes, I am sure you guys have hit the next awesome design idea – mobius rings. that is what the world was missing out on :P

@km: yes californians eat bagel and cream cheese. but only until noon. After that they are on a strict no-carb diet – only proteins and greens. :)

@falstaff: brass knuckles, ref. to @everyone. thx!

12 12 2009
Space Bar

bm: ok, this has been bothering me for a while now – what happens to californians (or those whose diet is californian) who are on a night shift? or whose body clocks are out of alignment with clock-time? do they do noon according to their bodies? so many hours from waking up? or is noon a rigid line down the day?

13 12 2009

space bar: Californians working night shifts survive on nothing but Energy Vibrations, positivity and cheer.

13 12 2009

sb: as km said out here is it all about Good Vibrations ;P and the occasional earthquake.

but really, what they do after a long night of work (there are no night shifts, no shifts really… ) is go make the real mobius bagel. one more update to the post. another mathematician turned CS geek made this one at work (on a saturday).

14 12 2009

BM: Your devotion to bagel-art is impressive.

But it leaves me hungry and hankering for cream cheese. And bagel. And cream cheese. OMFG, CREAM CHEESE!

14 12 2009

People: Enough. Please stop. Unless you can get me a NY bagel delivered here in the next few hours. (No, It usually doesn’t last an eight hour flight. Yes, a lot of people have tried)

Don’t you know we don’t get anything close to a bagel in this country?

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