2 10 2009

Anyone else on the google wave know what it is all about? I am a bit disappointed, waiting for all the “stamps to get licked”




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2 10 2009

From what I have heard so far, people don’t like it much and find Google Wave much more noisier
and be careful who you add to your friends list :-)

2 10 2009

heh…and thanks for sending me a Google Wave invite

2 10 2009

yes, unfortunately it shares contacts with gmail and all other google apps. :( but they have an API – so now it is making more sense. one can do more than just watch other people _type_ their chat-like email to you.


5 10 2009

We *sorta* evaluated Wave – in that most disciplined “it’s a Friday and we need something cool to look at” way – and tried to imagine what the use cases might be for our customers. We couldn’t find any – which either means we are staring at something really cool or something absolutely meaningless. I don’t know which yet.

The product looks very cool. I get the real-time collaboration message but honestly, that pitch makes me feel utterly…jaded. Besides, when everyone has a Blackberry, isn’t real-time collaboration a ’90s thing anyway?

So.. umm…you got an invite to spare?

//Did you look at the APIs and the documentation? Any opinions?

6 10 2009

@km: customers… hmm, I don’t see it as being very different from a chat interface…it is more like a framework, than a real tool at this point.

it is just too cluttered, I mean , if you were on two or three different “waves” at the same time, this is a sure way to be a headless chicken.

I scanned the API page, I think the promising things are plugins, so it all depends on how many people want to build those. If one could make a dashboard of this, that might work. Couldn’t really find a sample to get up and running, so no idea, really.

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