Steve McCurry has a blog

2 09 2009

And our dear Professor thinks we should show traditions some respect – so I will not just add a link on facebook, but go old school and blog about it.

the blog.

An aside.

I had to deal with the Geniuses at the local Apple store today. It all ended well. The ‘Lead Genius’ (his words) conceded that he had no real power in getting what I wanted done, though he agreed with what I had to say, in principle. sigh.

Wait, that isn’t the aside.

The real aside – people watching at the Apple store.

The woman next to me was in an off-white Chikan work kurta, green corduroys, hawaiian flip flops, had a knit handbag and a custom-made laptop sleeve – browsing the news in Hebrew. That is Israeli hipster chic for you.

Two Buddhist monks, in their typical saffron and deep red robes, and a jhola walk in. One of them consults a Genius about some video editing tools for his cameras. Yes, cameras – a sony video cam, a canon DSLR and one more, all appear from his jhola. The other monk, oh, he is having a conversation on his iPhone. And that would be iZen.

A digital media student who had all his work on his Macbook, before it decided to go kaput. There were some ER/House like scenes, panic, drama and the all knowing Genius saving the day – unfortunately no insurance – the laptop was more than a year old. Poor little rich kid.

Though the best part was watching advertising dollars in action. In the 40 minutes I spent in the store, 3 people waiting to be helped asked someone at the store, “Is it true that Macs are more expensive than PCs?”





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2 09 2009

Just because the Professor never updates, doesn’t mean all of us are lazy bums.

This whole Macs are more exp than PC’s thing is hogwash – they’re awesome enough to be.

2 09 2009

You are all just waiting for me to show up, aren’t you?

Szerelem is right – Macs *are* cheaper and “awesome”.

And I am Elvis.

2 09 2009

szer: I like my macs. But PCs are cheaper and generally at least one generation ahead in terms of hardware. The only reason so many people moved to Macs is that they are PCs now. PCs with brilliant Industrial design and running the Mac OS.

So yes, they are exp. but they are also awesome enough to be. :)

km: sigh. no. I think nobody should sign up now. Or should ever have in the first place. They have no sense of privacy. It is atrocious. Using fb connect any app will have access to all your content on FB, including your inbox. If you think the big G is bad. this is Dr.Evil.

But it is guilty entertainment. Like watching reality shows featuring your friends and acquaintances. And see pictures of them from 1996, when someone uploads and tags a picture of them looking super awkward. :)

2 09 2009

km, that said fb does have very impressive infrastructure.

3 09 2009

Sigh – fb = time suckage. Sometimes I think I should just quit it, but it *is* so convenient to stay in touch with people via it. Though I am still terribly anal and purge my friends list quite often…and I never accept any of the weirdo apps. And it gives you enough leeway to decide on how much you want other people to know about you – which is good.

8 09 2009
tabula rasa


Just because the Professor never updates, doesn’t mean all of us are lazy bums.

call me a pc, but i’m just hangin’.

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