Two Sketches

30 07 2009

Two sketches, from my pocketbook. Both of friends, done in under a minute, before I got caught.

photo photo1



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30 07 2009

ah. 798. feels like a lifetime ago. talking of which, you never put up a 798 post, did you?

31 07 2009
Space Bar

this is veena with her broken leg?

(you planning to say who the other person is?)

31 07 2009

@veena: yup. btw, did not post Bill’s because I have his face in my sketch. yes, must do the 798 post. does feel like a lifetime

— and in way, it is good we weren’t in Urumqi or Kashgar more recently… :(

@SB: heh, no those are Veena’s fancy brown knee-high boots. After she ordered her sandwich, giving some gyaan.

And that is P, a colleague, looking up guitar tabs on chordie, on a projector.

Just that I caught them both in a very similar pose a couple of months apart. :)

31 07 2009

I have never seen Veena slouching like that…must have been a long day…or is it just old age ?

@BM : looks like you have upgraded your friends circle from ADHD peeps to slouchers :-)

31 07 2009

Hey, you *are* good.

Webcomic, please. We can all write.

31 07 2009

Also, deeply envious that your colleagues look up chordie on a PROJECTOR.

31 07 2009

@bg: not just any kind of sloucher, but slouchers who have a lot of wisdom to impart. It has got to be old age.

@km: thank you, sir! Reg. the webcomic, one has been tempted many times…

and about the projector jealousy – join the club :) not that I look up things on chordie, but having one would be sweet nonetheless.

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