Extreme Ping pong

2 06 2009

Friday evening + Exhaustion + Beer + Craziness + 2 minutes of rapid prototyping =>  Ping pong Extreme

The table

The paddle

* for the 2 people who did not notice the knife… yes, a bit extreme.




4 responses

3 06 2009

crazy engineers !!!

3 06 2009

Knives for paddles? That’s total street style.

But how on earth did these murderous knives land at the workplace?

3 06 2009

bg: yes, this was a quick 10 min setup time and 2 min dismantle time. Obviously we were sure this would not be ok with the legal counsel. :)

km: we have a kitchen and bbqs.. so we could have potentially played ping pong with flaming toy baseballs :) The knife paddles were a bit scary though.. esp as the game progressed.

4 06 2009

we have a kitchen and bbqs

Oh you spoiled Valley kids.

//nursing my re-used Styrofoam cup.

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