art and music for a crazy busy day

12 05 2009

Ball dropping (needs audio)

and something old this reminded me of,

Jackson Pollock




4 responses

12 05 2009

The balldrop app is all sorts of awesome!

//Pollock was fun and all, but I can’t really play the charged, troubled genius splashing paint – with the click of a mouse.

12 05 2009

yes, the balldrop was the discovery of the day.

I agree the Pollock does not live up to the hype. needs a lot of practice before you can create something interesting.. bad ui. was just reminded of this app, when I started playing with balldrop.

13 05 2009
Space Bar

balldrop is very very cool. much better than that (supposedly therapeutic) bubblw wrap bursting game.

13 05 2009

Now if only there was an app that would let me create cheap, hotel-room style prints with just a mouse click…

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