Tuesday. Nothing. Existed.

5 05 2009

Sometimes the everyday business of living seems too mundane to talk about. But there is almost always a thing or two that we fail to notice. So here are a couple of pictures shot en passant.

A mustard field near home, on a cloudy day. And a train against the moutains  at sunset (from a mall parking lot).






7 responses

5 05 2009

love the mountains in the 2nd pic. It looks like Shrek’s arms :)

6 05 2009

Anyone else think “impressionist painting” when looking at the first pic? Really lovely.

//But trains rule. Always. Train at sunset >>> Mustard flowers.

6 05 2009
Space Bar

Has Luddoo seen the train? I can’t believe he hasn’t gone into ecstasies yet.

6 05 2009

bg: yes, it was an unreal contrast. Though would have gotten a better shot if I had climbed that tree.

km: thank you. you made my day :)

I am amazed by how yellow still pops out on a gloomy day. the cherry trees’ pink is just turned into a dull brown in the picture.

sb: good point. will have to ping. what’s with you hyd folks – one paints house, other moves…

7 05 2009

the cherry trees’ pink is just turned into a dull brown in the picture.

You probably know this, but have you tried playing with the “white balance” settings on your camera?

7 05 2009

the second picture is amazing – but i also love the first, the surreal sky contrasting with those trees and the mustard flower yellow. Brilliant.

7 05 2009

km: white balance… I did the whole, skip the chapter bit when I was learning to use this camera. Will go back to figuring out how it works. looks (from my cursory wiki-ing) like that might help improve a lot of my shots. thx!

szer: thanks! The mountains are green in my part of the world for all of 2 months. then they all turn “golden” brown. But they do look fantastic for 2 months.

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