For Spacebar

16 04 2009

Who loves reptiles, donkeys, goat, cats, frogs … you get the idea.

Crunchy snakes…yummmmm ?!

This is from a tea shop, that had mounds of different types of tea, green tea, rose, jasmine, spice tea, etc. And right at front was a sack of what looked very much like some nice murukku. Except you get closer and you see a head with a pair of eyes.

No, we did not buy any tea.


And other things for sale at the Kashgar Market.

Fresh bread in the morning


A cap fitting,


And natural pigment dye, for a dash of color.





11 responses

16 04 2009

Ah, crunchy snakes! Almost as good as crunchy frogs.

17 04 2009
Space Bar

ew! did you try the snake wine, btw?

falsie: so that’s where jkr got her cockroach clusters from. what a magpie she is.

17 04 2009

@crunchy snakes – ewww. Yucks. I don’t think I could ever eat that crap. Though I also said that about maggots and ended up getting tricked into trying them in Thailand. (they were surprisingly not bad – crunchy on the outside, soft inside).

Also, sb: Snake wine sucks. Really. And isn’t half as potent as rice wine, so what’s the point?

17 04 2009
Space Bar

szer: so you can have the pleasure of bleeding copiously from the nose i suppose.

17 04 2009

SB: jkr who?

17 04 2009

Can you people please stop posting pics of reptiles and talking about snake wine and murukku-like snakes?

Thank you.

17 04 2009

km: I take it Python references are okay?

17 04 2009

Falstaff: Oh you dirty old snake in the grass!

18 04 2009
Space Bar

falsie: j.k.rowling. that sweet shop in harry potter sells cockroach clusters.

18 04 2009

SB: I repeat, jkr who?

(I know who she is, I just refuse to acknowledge her existence. Especially in the context of the Pythons. It’s like talking about FRIENDS in the same breath as Shakespeare.)

19 04 2009

Don’t fancy crunchy snakes or nose-bleed inducing snake wine!

But would love the bread and the pigments, please.

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