For Szerelem

15 04 2009

Mostly doors from Kashgar’s Old City. The Old City is being demolished and new construction plans were up in most places we shot these images. They are very old buildings, some have lasted many centuries and will now be replaced with typical downtown apartment buildings.
The last few are from Beijing. From a Hutong, the Lama Temple, the 798 Art Zone and finally, the Forbidden City.











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15 04 2009

All these photos make me very happy, but I love, love, love that top one most.

16 04 2009
tabula rasa

oh no! they’re demolishing the old city?!

16 04 2009

TR: Yeah, they apparently aren’t earthquake proof. After Sichuan, some people are willing to be conned.

(Not that I think this is a bad thing. If they would build decent apartments in the same location and house these people, I’d be all for it but obv thats not whats happening)

16 04 2009

TR, it has already happened at Dunhuang. We walked through the brand new market (where people were still painting the signs on their new storefronts in gold paint, that I am sure they had to buy from the govt). The entire area around the Mosque was relocated. And new apartment complexes built, that mostly only Han Chinese in the area could afford. Ahem.

23 05 2014
portmanteau post | The Works

[…] Everyone’s gifting Szerelem doors. Here’s a blue door from Banno’s. Not quite the regular door […]

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