For Lebu…

14 04 2009

For TR and TPB really…

Ceci n’est pas une pipe


They are the female and male versions of the infant cradle catheters for sale in the Kashgar old town market.




5 responses

14 04 2009
tabula rasa

crikey. even back then i hadn’t understood how these are used (although tpb had paid more attention than i had). they’d seemed vaguely wrong to me.

14 04 2009

wooden infant cradle catheters

Come again?

14 04 2009

tr, have to admit, even with the warnings in your great TR-nama we were just as confused when we were told how this contraption works.

km, let me just say, I can’t think of any other terse or polite way to explain what this apparatus does.

15 04 2009
tabula rasa

km: you sort of stick them into the diaper to siphon off certain bodily fluids. the two differently designed inputs correspond to the two types of output sources that vary bu gender.

1 05 2009
J. Alfred Prufrock

Why not leave us with our illusions?


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