From the Silk Road

13 04 2009

rawap player bezeklik


This lovely old man works at the Beziklik Thousand Buddha Caves, Turpan.

While we were walking around looking at what remains of the murals there (the little that has survived the invasions, the occidental archeologists, the cultural revolution and other miscreants),we hear a beautiful string piece being played in the middle of the mountains (good acoustics).

Only after we got out of the cave, we realized it was someone who worked at the caves, possibly a guard, who was playing his rawap to pass time (and possibly impress tourists).

The man played a couple of pieces for us. Then asked us to try our hand at playing it. (Ulp). I did and failed miserably to get the one chord I kind of remembered from a couple of sessions of guitar playing. Nope, I did not play the E Minor. I just got to hold this lovely snake skin rawap and got back to making this short video.

If that doesn’t load, try this link

* the photograph of the mural is from the wiki page.




6 responses

14 04 2009
tabula rasa

hey! the video file returns a 404! :-(

14 04 2009

So this is the Silk Road that goes to Atlanta?

14 04 2009

I am awaiting pictures of green doors.

14 04 2009

TR, can you try it now? I have also added a link. It is just 20 secs long though.

km, :), very close. Turpan actually.

Sz, coming up. lots of green doors and a couple of nice windows too.

14 04 2009
tabula rasa

sweet, thanks.
@km: that would be ‘turd-pan’.

14 04 2009

“Turd-pan” – TR, I remember that from your Oriental Adventure :)

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