clichés galore

20 03 2009

There is no escaping them. I can’t believe I have endured so many of them in one week.

I was teary eyed after watching my friend’s 90-year old Latvian grandmother on Facebook (a HD video, no less). And, yes, I had no clue what she was saying. I haven’t even looked at my grandparents’ photographs in more than a year.

The Class has a Chinese kid who is good at math, plays video games and is too weak to join the soccer games at school. I did not cringe.

People in their early twenties said the most inane and inappropriate things. I shook my head in disbelief.*

Some people will have perfectly toned muscles in just a week of working out, others will not after months. It is unfair, also known as Genes.

Even if they are students at one of the best med schools in the country, women will still dress up when they go to study circles (pearls and makeup), while their male counterparts will look like they just climbed down a tree.

I eagerly await the suspense and tension on House M.D., but I hate it when friends go through the most basic and commonplace surgeries. Yes, I like to have a sense of control, and knowing that there is a happy ending. Opiates indeed.

sigh. There is no hope for me, is there?

* also, when most people <23 say they have done something for years, they actually just mean more than 1 year. and typically less than 3.




One response

21 03 2009

LOL@ all those things :D

Yes, I am a sucker for “House” too but in my defense, it’s only for the “hyuks” not the medical mystery. Hugh Laurie is a very funny man.

And about that <23 thing – when you pass a *certain* age-related milestone and realize that you *have* been doing things for years and just haven’t got very good at them, how do I say this – it’s not a very pleasant feeling.

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