Not an Origami Pelican

12 03 2009

It isn’t written, nor is it the most outrageously funny, silly, weird, fun, unwistful, unangular, unangsty, chortly post ever. But here it is Spacebar.

At least, it is not a pelican.





7 responses

12 03 2009
Space Bar

:D very nice!

12 03 2009

OMG. You are really writing love letters. Who would have thunk?

12 03 2009

That is actually very, very cool.

Now go illustrate your kidnapping note billet-doux. We want to see that.

12 03 2009

Bril. Chelpark. Camlin also.

12 03 2009

sb: glad you like.

veena: anything to avoid actually planning or reading up for the trip, no?

km: ty. heh, billet-doux makes it sounds way too fancy. that really was pretty street.

luddo: ty. Let me also note that no ink was harmed in the making of this post.

13 03 2009
Shweta Vyas

Wah! This is good. Really good.

20 03 2009

When she unravels the roses she gets to read the letters – totally cool .

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