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4 03 2009

if you were getting one book for a book club that previously featured –

The Illiad (Fagle tr.)
The Third Policeman
The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody
The Count of Monte Cristo (Penguin)
Unaccustomed Earth
Herodotus (David Grene)
The Blank Slate
The Watchmen
I’m a Stranger Here Myself. Bill Bryson
The House of Leaves

what would it be?

fineprint: I would prefer something that is less than $15 on amazon.




11 responses

5 03 2009

Jem (and Sam) by Ferdinand Mount.

5 03 2009

Watchmen! What better time to revisit it than when the film is out?

5 03 2009

??!: ‘Watchmen’: Is that different from ‘The Watchmen’ that’s already been featured in the reading list? :-)

5 03 2009

Feanor: interesting! will check it out.

??!: Good point. But the watchmen was featured just a couple of weeks ago. too early for a redux. Doesn’t mean there won’t be some ripping apart of the movie… :)

5 03 2009

Does this mean you will read this book in the next couple of weeks? Then I suggest Journey to the West.

5 03 2009


yes. it means I will read this book in the next couple of weeks. But so will 25 others. I am not sure they will all enjoy this book.

I will read that book. I am just looking to reco a book these people might enjoy on their long commutes.

6 03 2009

Notes from the Air: Selected Later Poems by John Ashbery.

I would have suggested the collected Spicer, but it’s way over your $ 15 limit.

The safer option, of course, would be Stephen Millhauser’s Dangerous Laughter.

6 03 2009

So after reading “The Third Policeman” the members of your book club didn’t just slash their wrists? at the end of the book? God, that book scared the bejesus out of me even as I was laughing my guts out.

How about “What is the what” (Dave Eggers)? (sells for $17 bucks….but people get to “travel” to Sudan…very topical and moving.)

7 03 2009

Falsie, Poetry aye? hmm, maybe I should try it. I had thought about some Polish poets… but this might be interesting.

will also go check out MIllhauser at the local B&N.

km, what can I say. This is a group that did not slash wrists after Knut Hamsun… so, with the O’Brien, you could just spot them laughing their guts out in mass transit.

will look for the Eggers while I am there too…

My orig options were – Maus (too $$), Nimrod Flipout, Invisible Cities (just one train ride), Douglas Adams’ Last Chance to See, Guy Delisle’s Pyongyang, View with a grain of sand (poetry?! :) ) …

7 03 2009

Youth, JM Coetzee.

11 03 2009
Space Bar

all that colour round about the eye is giving me the heebie-jeebies. toxic!

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