Writing Prompt

18 02 2009

It is 7:30 am again. I hit snooze on my alarm. I hear the crunchy steps on the floor above me. Someone has woken up and is now walking towards the bathroom. I hear the vent fan. Then, steps again, to the patio door and windows and back. Now to the walk-in closet. Then the faucet, the shower. A minute or two pass. Then I hear steps out of the room. Some noise in the kitchen above.

It is 8:10 am by now. I have hit the snooze button 7 times already. So I drag myself out of the bed. Grab my clothes from the closet and rush in and out of the bathroom. There is steam everywhere. But I am out by 8:30. Grab my bags and get to the shoe-stand. Then back to the closet to get a pair of socks. To the door again. Then back to get my watch and bracelet. To the door. One last trip to the kitchen. I get a glass of water. Back again to my shoes. Slip them on, spend a minute searching for my keys, my car keys and office badge. I lock the door, stuff the keys in my pockets.

I get to the elevator and hit the button. Sometimes as I wait for it to get to my floor, I hear the elevator doors close on the floor above. And I meet this anonymous person from the floor above. Always perfectly dressed, mostly in a dress shirt (who wears them to work these days?) A laptop bag and a gym bag with squash racquets peeking out. We both stare at the ceiling or the floor all the way to the basement and walk out different doors to our cars and drive out.

One more day.

fell for it too.




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