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5 02 2009

McElman_071126_2008 L a C Copper Lowercase Letter k
m letter letter A Getting Clean B A





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6 02 2009

A ransom note next, perhaps?

7 02 2009

heh. Reminds me of the time I left a ransom note style reply to an “anon” “love letter” at school. For all the effort my friends and I put into that response, I might as well have saved it.

It was a short letter (2 sentences maybe) made from words cut out of newspapers and magazines. And then jumbled and put in one of those boxes that toothpastes are sold in.

sigh, I doubt the person who got the toothpaste box even knew what he was supposed to do with those bunch of words in the toothpaste box.

7 02 2009

A 2-sentence reply to an anon love letter? Just trampled all over the boy’s heart, didnt ya :))

OK, I get the toothpaste tube set-up. Very clever. But how the hell did you get the tube across to the poor kid? There’s a follow-up post there, you know.

10 02 2009

sb: I am not sure if there was something funny in the two comments I deleted. And I will never find out now, as I can’t seem to retrieve them.

km: 2-sentences, yes. but what about all the creativity and effort that goes into cutting out words and deciding to not paste them on a paper but put them in a tube. And a evening’s worth of fun for a bunch of girls. How we got the tube across…oh the usual ‘chit’ route.

Yes a post of crushes in the pre-internet pre-mobile age.

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