Authors I recently discovered

29 01 2009

1. Seno Gumira Ajidarma

(a story(in pdf))

When journalism is gagged, literature must speak. Because if journalism
speaks with facts, literature speaks with the truth. Facts can be embargoed,
manipulated, or blacked out, but the truth arises of its own accord, like reality.
Journalism is bound by a thousand and one constraints, from business concerns
to politics, from making its presence felt, but the only constraint on literature is
one’s own honesty. Books can be banned, but truth and literature are a part of
the very air we breathe, they can’t be taken to court and they can’t be stopped.
Covering up the facts is a political act, covering up the truth is one of the greatest
acts of stupidity committed by human beings on the face of the Earth…

— “Literature’s Life in Thought’ From When Journalism is Silenced, Literature Must

2. Johan Harstad

Vietnam is the word for all that went wrong.For all that turned out contrary, simply because from the very outset the thinking was flawed. Vietnam ought to have been an adjective. It ought to mean infinitely sad. It ought to mean sorrow of such enormity as to be irreparable. But even that is impossible, the very word Vietnam is ruined, worn out. It has begun to mean Chuck Norris. Oliver Stove trilogies. It means low-budget movies you fall asleep half way through, old cartoons from Marvel Comics

— From Vietnam. Thursday.

3. Kuzhali Manickavel

(a couple of stories – 1, 2, 3)

The minute Malathi takes charge, the universe begins to sing her name like it is something holy. She cracks her knuckles and creates a new day that consists of Sunday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Thursday night. There will be no more Mondays. The universe applauds her decision.

The Godlet, From Insects Are Just Like You and Me Except Some of Them Have Wings.




3 responses

29 01 2009
Space Bar

i’ve been trying to lay my hands on these blaft books but nobody in bookstores here seem to have heard of ’em. will now go check out links.

29 01 2009

You’re _very_ brave, aren’t you? Reading off new authors and all. One steps back and applauds…

29 01 2009

SB: I know. Someone who reads this blog once in, say, 3 months, promised me a copy of Insects Are… (ahem, you know who you are… lurker)

Ludwig: thank yous.

But I must admit that I blindly put all the Bolano books in my public library on hold and it turned up this gem. That accounts for 2/3. The 3rd was suggested by said lurker.

So in a way everything was highly recommended.

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