A scary halloween

1 11 2008
can someone be clinton now?

can someone be clinton now?

[the text]

Please be advised that
the use of non-clever and hastily assembled
are strictly forbidden on these premises

– You are not going to be the only one wearing it. It’s painfully obvious
– You are not being frugal, just lazy. Your friends thought up and likely paid for costumes. You are wearing a pair of glasses and a dress of your mom’s
– We don’t care that “you can do the accent”. Everyone can do the accent. We get it. She says “you betcha” a lot
– Seriously, there were like five people at Jim’s part going as Sarah Palin, this is getting ridiculous.
– We don’t care if you’re a dude in a wig either

glasses + suit != costume

This policy will be strictly enforced unless I am dating you.




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