Pink Heels

31 10 2008

These heels are made for walking* (sadly, not all over the pier)

Spacebar, these are the scraped pink heels after the walk on the pier.

* gratuitous link – check.




8 responses

31 10 2008
Space Bar

Nice! (when you said it wasn’t my kind of pink, this was exactly what I visualised.:-)

Pity about it getting scraped like that.

31 10 2008

That’s not pink! Is that pink? We’re having ‘Wear Pink In Support of Breast Cancer Research Day’ today in London. So I have seen several pinks. That is not pink. Is it?

31 10 2008
Space Bar

feanor: it’s a kind of muddy pink. (sorry bm!)

31 10 2008

feanor: Salmon pink.

BM: They are beautiful. I wish I could heels like that. But my feet are wide and my ankles are too prone to twisting :(

31 10 2008

Fëanor, it is pink – something between Salmon Pink (thx! Lekhni) and Tea Rose, I would say. And which shade did you wear? ;)

Spacebar, hey, I like muddy pink.

1 11 2008
Space Bar

Now Tea Rose sounds good…exotic. Like some art deco-y thing. You should paint that scraped heel in verdigris and brass and you’ll be all set.

1 11 2008

Ah, salmon, salmon. Yum. Here’s what I wore. Well, that colour.

2 11 2008

Having witnessed said salmon-tea-rose (tea rose? there’s such a thing? you learn…) heels slip through cracks on said pier, all I can say, once again, is: ouch.

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