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28 10 2008

key phrases: my complete inability to get punctuation right, meeting elitist bloggers, fascinating concepts I don’t understand, graphic novels, the unbearable lightness of dreams

The dream:

Regular readers of this blog might recall that I once had a very vivid dream. In it, I spent a good 20 minutes parallel parking my crocodile. thanks to a picture posted by Spacebar.

Well, it has happened again.

Yesterday, I saw a ballet performance in my dream. It was the Maus reimagined as a ballet. Mikhail Baryshnikov was Vladek Spiegelman. I can describe every costume ,the set and, if I could talk about music, that as well. But you would had to be there to see the young Mr.Baryshnikov fly. mmm..

The concept:

Gelassenheit or even negative capability, as John Keats explains,

“when man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact & reason.”

Experiencing mystery and doubts without irritability – I would like to order a dollop of that please. thank you.

The graphic novel:

A new book by Guy Delisle! Go read the new Chroniques Birmanes. Also look up Pyongyang and Shenzhen while you are at it. (His Drawn & Quarterly preview page).

now, most importantly, meeting The bloggers:

Met TR, Anasuya and their lovely friend T. The Prof, quite evidently, is the rock star (atleast was that evening). We even suggested he wear a pair of sunglasses and a trench coat at 7pm, so he could avoid being mobbed by fans.

We enjoyed a great dinner, with the star footing the bill. I would have said they all hate their vegetables, but a side order of brussel sprouts snuck in. so there. There was a walk on the Embarcadero and some non-PC remarks about Asian children and what they grow up to be. Fun was had.

If I did not feel elitist enough for liking Obama, hanging out with these 3 has made me Über-Elitist. There is no looking back now.

*$@!ing punctuation:

why can I never get it right




11 responses

29 10 2008
Space Bar

Is there really an exclamation after the guy’s name or is that just your punctuation?

I also want to meet famous bloggers and merely nod at brussel sprouts.

29 10 2008

> I also want to meet famous bloggers
> and merely nod at brussel sprouts.

See you 1:00ish at Ohri’s Jiva.

29 10 2008
tabula rasa

what, no mention of the heels?

29 10 2008

So…you selling tickets to this ballet?

29 10 2008
Space Bar

Heels? What heels? I want to know! Tell all!

29 10 2008

KM, shhh. I am trying to do one of those subtle promos, so the hype builds up organically. I may or may not be selling tickets to this ballet. :)

TR, thanks for the reminder :P

Spacebar, you will be pleased to know those are my only pair of pink heels. ;) (probly not the shade of pink you are imagining – it is a very mild pink…anyway). So I have learned that hard way that one should never wear heels and venture onto Piers. I had to play a game that was the inverse of the childhood fav. “step only on the cracks and crevices in the sidewalk”.

Carefully avoiding the spaces between the 6″ logs that made up the Pier made me look like a good Indian woman, who never looks up, no matter how good the sights. Sigh.

You and Ludwig make these good stuffing your face plans on my blog now. Go ahead. Envious? Who me? no no. not at all.

29 10 2008

You’re sure it was Maus? Not just an artsy version of Cats?

Oh, and since you’re into negative capability, did it have a steel cube?

30 10 2008

Falsie, No no. Not Cats. tsk tsk. It was way more minimalist and stylized than people in Cat fur costumes … Though there were Pig masks involved.

Woody Allen would have fitted right it, but no steel cube… though, now I am even more confused about what -ve cap. means…

30 10 2008
Space Bar

Ya, good thing there’s also a telephone. I mean, I didn’t know I had to check comments on your blog to know lunch plans, right?

2 11 2008

Ooh goshdarnit, I’m elitist? Gee, you betcha I like that! And it was great fun, meeting up after all those proletariat years between. :-)

2 11 2008

anasuya, … socialist, elitist…hmm… I’ll get back to ya!

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