15 10 2008

I would like to begin this morning by reading you a little weather report:
“… dirty water and black snow pour from the dismal air to …the putrid slush that waits for them below.”

Now that is not a description of Boston, Chicago, New York, or even Washington, D.C. It is from Dante’s “Inferno,” a 600-year old vision of damnation.

But doesn’t it sound familiar?

Isn’t it a forecast that fits almost any large American city today?

Lyndon Johnson, Remarks Upon Signing the Air Quality   Act of 1967.

Drill Baby! Drill!

McCain-Palin Energy Policy, 2008




2 responses

17 10 2008

BM, I’m afraid you completely misunderstood the quote by McCain/Palin. What they meant was this.

17 10 2008

aha! Strange isn’t it, Indonesia pops up all the time in this election?

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