17 09 2008

boy meets girl,

girl eats boy,

lives happily after.

mantis religiosa.




10 responses

17 09 2008

Female Mantis 2:
“Was he fed on an organic diet? Did he have too much adipose tissue? Or cholesterol?
Sigh. You can’t be too picky these days! ” ;)

17 09 2008

Nice. It kind of puts castration anxiety into perspective, doesn’t it?

I wonder if there are lesbian praying mantises? I have a vision of a self-righteous uber-devout mantis (hey! they’re praying mantises, after all) declaring that female praying mantises eating other female praying mantises is unnatural and an aberration in the sight of God.

18 09 2008

heh. bril.

> female praying mantises eating other female praying mantises

err. elaborate. on ‘eating’, specifically.

18 09 2008


And Falstaff, imagine what those self-righteous uber-devout mantis will do with Ludwig and his unnatural thoughts on “lebanese food habits”… shiva shiva.

Though it is interesting that the discussion ended up this way.

To think the Spacebar’s Namaste post got me started on this. Something along the lines of “the divine in you … in me” translated to the religious “praying mantis” being in another mantis’ stomach. well.

18 09 2008

Ludwig: Hmmm…interesting defense that. “No, your honor, my client is not a cannibal, she just has a really, really deep throat.”

18 09 2008
Space Bar

bm: i have to dig up that archyand mehitabel where the worm is eaten by the bird and, whil ebeing digested, give thanks for this wonderful union. i vote that you introduce your yoga gooroo to archy-san. he zen man.

19 09 2008

sb, heh. the idea of introducing this worm ingestion to a vegan tickles me.

21 09 2008
tabula rasa

life :-)

23 09 2008

:) for the post, and the comments.

24 09 2008

TR, Banno:


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