Talking of Michelangelo

13 09 2008

(Alt Title: A Pink David for Spacebar!)

Two cities, two Davids. Both interesting takes on the masculine perfection that is Michelangelo’s David.

Singapore, National Gallery. June 2008.

Titarubi’s Surrounding David (in pink brocade). Click for higher res. More images here. What is the whole point? Well, if I remember correctly the anatomy of David is known to make some young ones dizzy. (Yes Veena, you. *) And, here is a well-written analysis on this installation.

Surrounding David

Moving on.

Palo Alto, USA. June 2008.


Duane Hanson’s Slab Man

A life size construction worker with the name-tag David, leans against the walls of the Cantor Art Center. Right after you walk past Warhol’s Electric Chair. Fantastically realistic. Observing this installation closely can make you feel like a creep intruding on someone’s well deserved break. The name-tag evokes Michelangelo’s David, but nothing else about the statue does. Here is a middle-aged construction worker with a paunch and a slouch.

* It was the summer of 2002. Florence, Italy. We were all bright eyed, bushy tailed and what have you. The Scene, Veena with her jaws dropped, stares unblinkingly at Michaelanglo’s David. Bill stands around with A, the both of them discuss something in a furious but hushed tone. I walk around trying to find some spot where the guards wouldn’t catch me shooting some pictures. Bill walks up to me (this is rare, him walking up to you, instead of the other way round). He says, “I don’t know how to break this to Veena, but 15 year olds don’t have that kind of…ahem…anatomy”. Well, well.




3 responses

13 09 2008
Space Bar

Thank you thank you! Just for a second, when I saw the image and didn’t read further, I thought you were talking about this guy. See also.

13 09 2008
Space Bar

oi! where did my comment go?! I said, for a moment there I thought you were talking Jeff Koons. (too lazy to link but he’s exhibiting at Versailles).

14 09 2008

Hello. I couldn’t find any e-mail address on the website so I’ll put my message here.
On the Audiopoetry website ( I read Your response to the question of who the poet is – You wrote a beautiful poem but I failed to find its title or the author’s name on the internet. Could You please give me any hints? I’d be grateful.

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