Since we are all doing it

11 09 2008

I had walked the 3 miles back home the night before. Sometime around 3am. I did not ride the shuttle bus, I walked. Thoughts — of the slow but steady memory leak in my code — kept me company. I got home and read. Must have gone to bed around 5am.

The next day, back in school, having taken in my daily quota of online comic-strips, I was back at work. And a new message popped up in my mail client. Airplanes had collided into the WTC. There was one more hijacked plane still circling some part of PA. What?!

In the hour that followed various numbers, the melting point of structural elements of skyscrapers, airports, terrorists were discussed on the television sets I stared into. The news channels were clamoring for facts and numbers. They promised to to keep us updated.

Someone at school told me to get supplies. Not duct-tape (we did not know their omnipotence back then, did we…). But a bag of rice, as the Indian store was only a block away. The other grocers were all a bus ride away. There was still that missing plane and rumors that it might come crashing into a building close to where we lived. So I was to withdraw a substantial amount of cash. One thousand had sounded substantial to me that day.

A 10 pound bag of Basmati rice and a tiny purse with my passport, visa and cash.

How unprepared we were for the decade that has followed.




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11 09 2008

a 10 pound bag of Basmati rice ?!!
dude, knowing you, 100 packs of Bourbon biscuits would have sounded more reasonable

12 09 2008

Good point. :P But, I probably had enough packets of Britannia Bourbon biscuits (no bourbon, all chocolate thank you) to seem me through this crisis. :P:P But the key was my lugging a 10 pound jute bag all the way home.

12 09 2008

You sure of this? I clearly remember waking one of you up to tell you the news – you or Anoop. Perhaps it was Anoop.

It was my first week back at work with crutches and all. I saw the first hit, IMed our friend at United a few minutes later who told me that all planes except one were traced and grounded. I called amma, called you guys, then as the rumour was the missing plane was headed our way, we were asked to get out. Almost everyone walked – no buses seemed to be running. I got a ride from the one person who had driven to work that day (thanks to my crutches)

Once I got home, amma and I tried to watch TV – yeah, your old TV that you had kindly “let me borrow” me while I was bedridden but it was way too grainy. Finally got through to people in NYC. They were alright. Went back online. Then someone called and asked us to get supplies. Actually think it was Anoop. I laughed and said he was mad. That’s pretty much all I remember.

12 09 2008

Yes, it must have been Anoop and then at some point me. Madhavi had asked me to get the rice. By the time you guys called me about the supplies, I was already home with my cash and rice. :)

But I remember your “FleaMarkets” drama. :)

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