24 06 2008

Ever noticed how pain is rarely conceived immaculately? The inception is usually an after-effect of being in love with an illusion.

Then there is the gestation, since we are all instinctively pro-pain. The slowing of pace and time, as it sucks life out of you, consumes you. The uncontrollable urge to tear up; the need to rush to the folds of a restroom stall in the middle of a meeting. The reading of every piece of literature you can lay your hands on, in preparation. All for that ungrateful wretch who kicks you in the gut every sleepless night, for months.

Finally, the inevitable labour, yelling, screaming and pain. Just when you feel like you are about to die, the expulsion, in a form that usually disappoints. Half-baked and wrinkled. Refusing to meet your eyes, it passes into the hands of someone who is there for you. Or perhaps someone you paid to be there. There is the counting of the digits and snapping of the fingers. Then a pinch and a yelp. And it is pronounced alive.

Suddenly, it is no longer what you are, just something that was once a part of who you were.

Or perhaps, it will be stillborn. And you will have nothing to show for, after all the effort.




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24 06 2008

Okay, you have definitely been spending too much time on 2x3x7.

I loved the “someone you paid to be there” bit. I realize you probably meant a medical professional of some sort, but I couldn’t help imagining a proud father for hire – sort of like a super specialized escort service. Talk about a cigar really being a cigar.

Hell, it beats being a punching intern.

24 06 2008


Well, yes. New dads for hire, they arrive in style in a minivan with a carseat. sigh…

Speaking of delivering pain, a punching intern would be great. But then your comment reminded me of six more weeks of winter… :)

24 06 2008

BM: touche.

On the other hand, there’s always abortion

24 06 2008

Falsie, touche back.

But you know, pain has fingernails.

en garde!

25 06 2008

BM: You’re not turning catholic on me, are you?

25 06 2008

this would work just as well if it were this instead.

Slightly OT, Catholicism and pain… darn there is some nice quote there in a Guillermo Del Toro interview somewhere about it…

3 07 2008

sorry to intrude, but is there something you’re not telling us? And please don’t ask me to be a godmother … I’d have to turn responsible and respectable.

3 07 2008

Preeti, save the turning ‘responsible and respectable’ bit for later. You shall be given sufficient notice. But promise me you will show up in a Naeem Khan and Manolos for the christening…

This was just a result of ODing on pictures of new borns and birth announcements these past few days. Folks are popping them out like there is no tomorrow.

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