Made up Worlds

15 04 2008

Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

While some people have virtually recreated foreign countries for us – even those that don’t hand out visas, it has come to our attention that Lonely Planet has been faking it. Fake trips to real countries. Sigh. :(

PS: Veena, you were on to a good thing there




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15 04 2008
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ya, those guys should post something it’s been a while. veena, like un lun dun, maybe a mal madrid, no?

15 04 2008

will you people please stop this “past is a foreign land” business? I switched to C-Span last night – yes, I watch C-Span – and some writer-historian was on and the first sentence from his lips? “The past is a foreign land”.

15 04 2008

SB: yes, 48 hours in London, Barcelona or wherever else her decadent life takes her…

will you people please stop this “past is a foreign land” business?

KM: Scary how popular it is. “The past is a foreign country” — is the title of 2 books (or more?)..

all I am saying is, this is going to be one long arduous battle

OT, you read Savage’s column and watch C-Span. hmm… verrrry interesting life.

16 04 2008

SB: You write 48 hours in the foreign land of the past and we shall post something

BM: Decadent! Don’t get me started ok?

16 04 2008
Space Bar

Okay, just so all of you know, km has to do that post; not me. I never suggested that the past was a foreign country. I just said that if it were, that would account for the number of illegal aliens around.

BM: And I edged around that only on his weather report post. :D

16 04 2008

well, I never liked Rick Santorum ;)

17 04 2008

Santorum. wow!

And I thought I had left those days behind, when the senator from PA would go “I am Nick Santorum, and I approve this message” after every hideous political ad on basic cable.

Btw, if you happen to be in PA, around Philly, Colbert is doing his show from there this week. Just saying.

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